Monday, November 26, 2012

morning sunshine.

Wednesday was the start to our big thanksgiving weekend. We spent the whole morning in bed waiting for the dada to get home from work at noon. Noah woke up around 9 o'clock and I wasn't complaining! When he's awake and happy, I'm awake and happy. I love spending these tender moments with my son. 
Hearing him coo and goo and listening to his very first giggles makes my heart full. Every silly face, every big smile and every fake little attention seeking cough I wish I could just replay over and over whenever I wanted to.
That dimple chin, those big blue eyes, that cute little tongue, that little button nose, those dimple cheeks and that big wide smile make all my days better.
He is the HAPPIEST little guy I have ever seen. We obviously can't get enough of him.
And that crazy hair? We love that too!
The more Noah grows the more we learn his sweet personality and oh how sweet it really is. He is so tender and such a little cuddle bug! He loves to snuggle with his Aden+Anais blankets keeping them real close to his face.
We love the sweet little kisses he gives us lately too and his soft hands gently grabbing us when he wants to just hug us while he buries his face into our necks.
and the way he smiles with his tongue while scrunching his nose makes us laugh a just little more.
just don't grow up too fast, okay?
I'm loving this stage.

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  1. oh my gosh, he is the cutest thing ever! such a stud!! I can't wait to meet him!
    What sweet tender moments :)