Sunday, October 22, 2017

How we do fall.

give me all the fall candles- Doesn't anyone else have a collection of bath and body works candles in their pantry? those have been burning in our house all day everyday. Can you ever get sick of them? i definitely don't think so. so obsessed with all those yummy pumpkin spice smells. My favorites this season are pumpkin spice, marshmallow fireside, leaves, pumpkin marshmallow annnnd so many others.

piles and piles of cozy blankets- pulling out all the fluffy cozy blankets out of the closets. The other night the kids and I made a blanket fort. I love getting a pile of blankets out and having movie nights as a family or netflix dates with the husband after the babes go to bed. 

starbucks steamers- I wish their caramel brûlée steamer with vanilla wasn't so good. 

barns and noble- we go to barns and noble a lot during the year but we seem to go even more often in the fall time. my kids love going to the book store and stocking up on all the fun holiday books or just sitting and reading for an hour or two.

canyon drives- fall canyon drives in utah are out of this world. something about a sunday drive through the alpine loop while the leaves are changing colors brings back so many memories of dating my husband and falling in love with him for the first time. We took that drive today as a family and our kids love it. not to mention all those crunchy leaves on the ground for them to play in for hours.

family movie nights- family movie nights are on repeat at our house. It gets dark so early here which means we've bumped up bedtime by an hour! (happy dance) . movie nights help us all wind down a little and also allows us to get in a lot of snuggles before we send noah and penny off to bed. Lately we've been watching halloween classics.

pumpkins- pumpkins pumpkins everywhere. I love stopping by the grocery store and seeing bins and bins of pumpkins. Our house has slowly collected pumpkin after pumpkin this fall season and it makes me happy.

comfort foods- tis the season for crock pot meals which not only make your home smell amazing throughout the day but its so nice to throw it all in and let it cook all day not having to worry about it around dinner time. I will have to post my favorite chili recipe that i could eat everyday. oh and we can't get enough of those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

sweaters- i have a sweater obsession this fall. I have ordered so many and i can't get enough. FYI if you're looking for the perfect sweaters and for a good price look online at forever 21. They have so many good ones this year! 
dressing warm and wearing boots and slippers and ankle socks is also one of my favorite parts about fall.

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