Tuesday, November 12, 2013

pumpkin patch nightmare.

I was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year with my boys, and to take the pumpkins home to carve as a family. It just sounded like the perfect family night to me. 

That plan went downhill very fast.

It all started with my ring finger missing that pretty diamond ring that I hardly ever take off. Chan had just came home from school. We all got ready to head out when I realized I wasn't wearing my ring. Whenever I DO take it off I place it in my jewelry in the same spot. So I thought I would just go grab it and we'd be off. Well, it wasn't in that little spot and my heart dropped.  I then remembered taking it off and placing it on the bathroom counter. (Never do this!).  Noah has been fascinated with flushing the toilet and throwing things in the garbage lately so we try to keep the bathroom door shut and the garbage up where he can't get to it. He had been in there while I was showering since Chan wasn't home to watch him and I didn't want him outside of the bathroom alone. He had flushed the toilet while I was in the shower and kept getting into things so I finally grabbed him and plopped him in the shower with me. So when it wasn't on the counter anymore it had only made sense that Noah either swallowed the ring, threw it down the drain, or flushed it down the toilet.

We searched every inch of our apartment. We had FAMILY search every inch of our apartment with us. I had the biggest knot in the back of my throat and about threw up a couple of times.
We continued to look and look and pray and I just lost it. I was scared that it was flushed and gone forever. I was scared that it was stuck in my baby and he'd have to have some serious surgery to remove it. I was just a mess.

We called a plumber and bless his heart he came out to our place after a long day of work at 10:00 PM to scope our toilet. He put a camera threw our toilet and saw nothing. He removed the toilet and scoped the sewer line. After what seemed like forever he let us know that if it had gone down the toilet, it was gone forever. I cried some more.

I didn't sleep that night. Chan didn't sleep that night. That next morning I continued to look HOPING we somehow missed it in some weird spot. It was nowhere. I waited for Noah to poop and he wouldn't poop. I fed him everything possible to get him to poop but it just wouldn't happen. I never wanted someone to poop so bad in my life. I was desperate to find this ring and I didn't care if I had to do this in order to get it back. But then again we Googled everything possible about babies swallowing diamond wedding rings and that sometimes it takes WEEKS for it to be able to pass through. I about gave up when I finally just sat down on Noah's bedroom floor and had the thought to shake his shoe drawer. and so I did... and I heard a little clinking sound... and I knew it was my ring.... and it was my ring... and I cried... and immediately after finding my ring Noah had pooped the worst poop I've ever seen let alone smelled... and I didn't have to dig through it. It was a serious answer to my prayers people.

Noah can't reach his shoe drawer. I have no idea how it got in there but I'm so glad it was.
It is officially glued to my finger and I haven't taken it off.

That weekend we finally made our way to the pumpkin patch. Noah was not a fan of picking out pumpkins this year. He was pretty upset the whole time. It was later that night that we found that he wasn't feeling very well and it broke my heart. We all ended up getting sick that weekend so it was just all a nightmare. We didn't get around to carving our pumpkins but at least we got in a lot of snuggles! 
I love these two! I love my ring! and I love pumpkins.

Better luck next year!

Also, if you EVER have to take off your wedding ring please put it in a VERY safe spot! and remember that spot. Or just never take it off. Especially if you have little ones that are curious and get into everything.

The End to my nightmare of a story with a good ending.


  1. I'm so glad you found it! And didn't have to dig through poop to find it! Thank heaven! And cute family, of course.

  2. Omg scary!!! But if made me laugh... I'm glad you didn't have to search through Noah's poop! ��

    1. I'm glad it made you laugh. I'm sure i'll laugh about it someday :)

  3. Oh my goodness I about had a heart attack with you reading this! So glad you found it!!! Hate the feeling of a lost diamond ring!!!!

    1. I about have a heart attack thinking about it to this day. Court! I need an invite to your blog girl!

  4. What a lovely story to tell your kids when they're grown up! I too am glad you didn't search through the poop! Thank goodness you found the ring. I would have cried for days too.

    P.s. your photo's are lovely even though it didn't go so well. We don't have these here but look a lot of fun!