Wednesday, November 14, 2012

looking forward to:

1. My little bekah babes wedding this friday
2. The weekend
3. Finishing all of our Christmas shopping. Almost done!
4. Thanksgiving at my moms on Sunday
5. Thanksgiving in Richfield next week
6. Family get togethers
7. Setting up our christmas tree
8. Getting Noah his own little tree
9. Making a Christmas tree skirt with Tay
10. Taking Noah to meet Santa Clause
11. Mailing my little brother a Christmas package
12. Holiday music
13. Snow snow and more snow
14. lots of snuggles with my boys in our cozy home
15. baking holiday treats
16. My dads Christmas cookies
17. Making my nanny girls their Christmas gifts :)
18. Wrapping all of Noah's gifts
19. Seeing the Temple Square Lights in Salt Lake City
20. Wearing big fluffy socks with my rain boots
21. The yummy holiday candle smells in my home
22. Pumpkin cookies and muffins
23. Hot cocoa and hot apple cider
24. Finding Noah his first Christmas stocking
25. Seeing all the Christmas lights
26. Having Santa come to our home this year ;)
27. Throwing snowballs at Chan when he least expects it haha
28. Ice skating
29. Decorating
30. Talking to Elder Berg on Christmas Day
31. Our big Christmas Dinners
32. Hoodies and Sweats
33. Wearing Peacoats
34. Holiday madness shoppers
35. Watching the snow fall
36. Driving up the canyon
37. Reading Christmas stories
38. Watching Christmas movies
39. Giving gifts
40. Sledding
41. Taking naps by the fire
42. My moms delicious monkey bread
43. Cranberry sauce
44. Scarves
45. Peppermint Ice cream
46. Holiday parties
47. Christmas Sweaters
48. Beanies
49. The smell of pine trees
50. Celebrating the birth of our Savior with our baby boy for the first time!

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