Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canyon Trip part. 1

It has clearly been a while since I blogged last. It seems as tho I get in this crazy blog mood every time fall comes around. I guess snuggling up in my pajamas and slippers with a pumpkin spice candle burning and laying in bed with my Macbook while going through pictures of this little family of mine and uploading them to this little corner of the internet sounds like a good idea to me. It's relaxing and calming and I love it. I want to share my life over here a little more. So bear with me.

The past couple of months have been such a blur for us. We have had some really good days and some really not so good days. We have gone from coast to coast, moved all over the place, potty trained our 2 year old, been so so busy with work, school and other things and have been trying to settle back to our old routines and back on a good schedule. It has taken some time but I think we are finally getting over that big steep hill.

Through all of this craziness though, I will say, these two men in my life make it all so worth it.
I love them to pieces and hold them so tight. These pictures and this place mean a lot to me.
I will explain why tomorrow.


^^^ skipping rocks with his dad ^^^

 ^^^ this kid. He has the sweetest personality. ^^^

^^^ I normally carry him on my back in the ergo but moments before this he was sound asleep. Don't know what I would do without this thing! I love it so much! ^^^


  1. I love these pictures! You should keep blogging haha what do you use to edit?

    1. Thanks Meg! I edit my photos in Photoshop CS5 or my VSCO cam app on my phone :)

  2. these are gorgeous, Cait. so its TOMORROW now tell us why this place is so important to you.....

  3. Every one of these photos are so gorgeous and I think you really captured the personality of your little family. What a stunning place too! x Erin