Thursday, October 30, 2014

Canyon Trip part. 2

So I guess I didn't mean to build up suspense that I had something exciting to announcement in this post...
Nope. no big news over here!

I know I have talked about this before, but I guess I'll say again how much I love this place.
When Chandler and I met somehow it came up that I had never been on the Alpine Loop. This took Chan by surprise considering the fact that I have lived in Utah most of my life.
Well, on our very first date guess where he takes me?
We drove the Alpine Loop (and he took me to dinner too, of course!) and talked about so much. I felt comfortable, like I could just talk his ear off. I felt as though we had known each other a long time when really we barely knew each other at all. After that day we were pretty much inseparable. We always made food together, like quesadillas and brownies or cookies and had so many movie marathons at his house. His house was perfectly decorated in Fall decor and always smelled like pumpkin spice. These are reasons I love Fall so much. It brings back the memories of meeting my favorite guy.

Our family loves Tibble Fork. We like to think that its our place ;)
and we love taking family drives around the Alpine Loop. It's nice to get some fresh air and take a break away from all the business of life.
I stood there and watched my husband teach our little guy how to skip rocks into the Lake. Noah thought it was the coolest thing ever and he tried very very hard to skip those rocks perfectly across the water with so much confidence.
It is so awesome to think that in just five short years we have gotten to this place in our lives.
I am grateful.

It was a good day


  1. I remember when you guys started dating. All of the sudden it was just BOOM - Super Couple! Because you're both such pretty people and just went perfectly together. Such great photos!

  2. I want you to take our pictures there. SOOO pretty.