Monday, August 11, 2014

North Carolina Zoo

The day before Noah's birthday Chan decided to take his birthday off and celebrate with us.
This made me SO EXCITED because I thought we were just going to be on our own and I didn't know how much fun just MAMA would be. We decided to drive to the Zoo out here and spend the day there since it is over an hour away and Noah is starting to really love animals.
Once we got there we walked along this long boardwalk over a lake which lead to the Zoo. If you look off the side of the bridge into the water you could see so many turtles. Big ones and little ones. It was so crazy!

The first animals we saw once getting in were the Giraffes and man were they pretty! Noah was watching them while in his dads arms and kept squinting his eyes softly while saying "awe!". It was so sweet.
He loved walking around and seeing animals he had never seen in REAL life. He loved the Gorillas and thought it was so cool that the baby was eating "juice" (fruit) like he does and how they like to play around and run and spin in the long grass. Also he was so funny and sweet when the baby bamboo's would ride on their mamas backs. He was just in awe about everything.
The Zoo here is awesome and so big. We spent many hours there and were only able to see the Africa side and didn't make it to see the North America side.

I'm so glad we were able to spend this day together as a family. We haven't seen much of Chandler this summer so its nice to enjoy this beautiful place together before we have to say goodbye in just a few days. I highly recommend checking out this Zoo if you are ever over this way :)

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