Sunday, August 10, 2014


This year, we celebrated Noah's birthday in Raleigh, North Carolina.
It was a more simple birthday, just our little family.
The night before Noah's birthday, we put him down for bed and once he was fast asleep Chan and I silently put together his little birthday surprise in the front room. We kept telling each other how it felt like Christmas! 

That morning Noah walked out trying to hold back the biggest grin on his face. It was SO FUNNY! He's gotten a little shy. He couldn't keep it in though and got SO EXCITED! It was the cutest thing ever. Its so fun at this age where they start to understand more with what is going on. Im SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! Any way, after opening gifts and playing for a little while we ate breakfast, got ready and left for a day at the Zoo. (pictures of the Zoo will be posted tomorrow)

^^^His dreams came true. Whenever we leave the house he can't wait to get home to his train!^^^

^^^pointing at his big balloons! He loves balloons! especially blue or yellow ones.^^^

 ^^^That is the sweetest little face ever! and I get to kiss those cheeks all day long!^^^

^^^all day long he would sing the happy birthday song to himself even with the 'cha cha cha', and sometimes he would add his friends and family to the song. He loved his birthday so much and still talks about his "birthday happy" and "Noahs happy birthday".^^^

^^^gifts from his nana and papa and uncle parker^^^

^^^Lightening McQueen. MOST. FAVORITE. THING. EVER!^^^

^^^They melt my heart… all the time.^^^

Noah, your dad and I loved celebrating this day with you from the second you woke up to the time you fell asleep. You are the biggest ray of sunshine in our home and we are always so proud to be your parents. The last two years have been a privilege and I'm lucky to be your mama!
Thanks for all your sweet kisses, hugs, cuddles, 'i love you's' and making your dad and I 
very, very happy!
We love you!

***Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who delivered and mailed Noah gifts, called and face timed him to wish him a happy birthday. He felt so loved and was so excited! You all helped make his birthday a happy one!***

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