Friday, October 11, 2013

my better half.

Yesterday marked 4 years since my Chan stole my heart. I remember our first date, he took me on a drive to see the Alpine Loop since I had never been and really wanted to go.
It was a perfect October fall day and we had no clue where we'd be now.
I remember just talking about the little things in our lives that had gotten us to where we were that day. Times that made us happy, times that made us sad, things we love and everything in-between. It's like one of those cheesy moments where I can say, I felt like I had known him forever
He has this way about him, a tenderness that radiates and makes you feel so calm, so safe and so comfortable while around him and I love that so much. I love how understanding he is, how caring he is towards all things, how great of a listener he is, the amazing husband he is and the sweetest dad he is to our Noah. Noah is so lucky. I am so lucky. We love him so so much!
 I don't remember what life was like without him. But I do know that he has made me the happiest.

I love you, Chan. 

^^^ Alpine Loop Oct. 10th, 2009. We were so so little here. ^^^

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