Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a hard week.

Last week was honestly probably the hardest week yet being a mom. 
We took away Noah's pacifier that we would give him during nap time and bedtime. I was hoping we would get lucky and he would be over it in a day or two. Well I was wrong. Very, very wrong. It lasted about 5 long, sad and tiring nights. I felt like such a mean mama and there were so many times I wanted to give it back but I stayed strong. I heard about all these different ways to take it away. We first tried the method of cutting the top of the binky off. I just felt like that only confused and teased him, so I decided to go with my mama gut and take it away completely. That is what worked best for us. The first nap he screamed for 10 minutes then fell asleep on his own. I cried too... His second nap he fell asleep in the car which seemed like a piece of cake. By the end of the day I thought to myself, 'I can do this!'. Well, bedtime was a whole different story. He was livid! It took a lot of cuddles and calming down for him to fall asleep, then he finally did. In the middle of the night he woke up screaming like I have never seen. He was throwing his body all over the place. It was becoming impossible to even hold him. Nothing would calm him down. I had to walk up and down our little apartment hallway for about 30 minutes and would get in bed and tickle his little body for what seemed like hours! This happened for about 3 nights and the other two nights weren't as bad. Slowly he got better and eventually was 100% over it. Thank goodness!

By the time it was Friday all three of us were so exhausted. Our eyes were burning, the day was dragging along slowly and we just couldn't wait for the weekend ahead. Noah even fell asleep in his highchair eating some jelly taost. He even continued reaching for more pieces and placing them in his mouth while asleep. I'm glad I caught a little of it in this video on my instagram.

View Video Here

That night we headed down to Highland to spend the weekend with Chandlers family. On saturday we had a relaxing morning eating German Pancakes that his mom made for us and laying around. Around lunchtime we drove up to Midway where we ate at the cutest little pizza place and later swam in the Homestead Crater. It was so warm and a fun experience. We then shopped a little and before heading home, grabbed some milkshakes. That night we had a game night with some friends while Noah stayed home with his Nana and Papa.
After getting home and finally falling asleep Noah woke up around 2:00am with a fever and runny nose. I scooped him up out of his crib and let him lay in bed with us. He tossed and turned all night and by morning he was very clingy and clearly not feeling well. I was happy to see him catch up on a lot of much needed sleep while we watched General Conference for our church.
Having a sick baby is heartbreaking I tell you! I'm glad it had only lasted a day because I was starting to fall asleep standing up, and so was his dad. I felt like I was going to just collapse any minute. 

Thankfully, this week Noah has been sleeping better than he ever has. I feel like maybe his binky woke him up at certain times during his nap and bedtime because he relied on it so much to sooth while he was sleeping. I'm so happy to see him feeling more like himself!
And I am so happy we are over all of this craziness around here.
I about lost it.

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