Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a day of winter.

Over the weekend we took a little family drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The view was perfect with all the fall colors and big pine tree's which are my favorite. We reached a point where it was fall on one side and winter on the other. We weren't expecting to see so much snow! We found a cute little place called Silver Lake and got out of the car to walk around. It was a fun day just with my boys.

 ^^^ This little face kills me. Noah loved the snow. He was so curious about it. It's fun to watch his reaction and to see his eyes light up when he see's something new to him. Like this white fluffy stuff. What would it feel like to see that for the first time? It must have been a fun experience for him, I hope. ^^^

^^^ His favorite part of our little trip was hitting the snow off of the tree branches. He didn't like it when we had to take him away. His little hands were just getting too cold. ^^^

^^^ That cute little red button nose and rosy cheeks. I love him so! ^^^ 

^^^ Standing on snow for the first time. We just can't get over these Freshly Picked Moccs. We wish we could have a pair in every color! ^^^

  ^^^ They like to scare me all the time with this little flying baby trick. I think I just sit there and hold my breath every time. ^^^

Hello fall. Or Winter? I guess both. Please be good to us this year! I hear its suppose to be a cold one. I'm not too excited about that! But I'm definitely looking forward to the Holidays coming up!


  1. cait, these pictures are amazing!!! you are getting sooo good! I LOOVE the one of Noah on the bridge smililng!!! love those teeth! Do you have two pairs of the moccs?? those ones look lighter than the ones he was wearing the other night!

    1. Thanks Tayten!!! I just have the Weathered Brown Moccs. I want more though! Aren't they so cute?

  2. That picture of Chandler catching him is the most precious thing I've ever seen! Such a cute family!

  3. Once again, gorgeous photos!! What lens do you use?

    1. Thanks so much! You're so sweet. I switched between my Canon 18-55mm and my Canon Zoom 55-250mm in these photos.