Tuesday, August 20, 2013

U p d a t e .

^^^ won't put his toothbrush down.^^^

Noah caught his very first cold over the weekend and we are finally seeing the light at the end of it all. He has never been sick before so this was a bit new to us.  It's a little heartbreaking watching your little one get sick, but Chan and I tried our best to keep him as comfortable as possible. SO, our weekend consisted of a whole lot of warm baths, cuddles and kisses, and a lot of naps and staying inside. We watched a lot of movies, cooked a lot of homemade dinners and lathered up on essential oils and kept that humidifier running 24/7. He is left with a little raspy voice that is so sweet and cute.  Today he has been the happiest baby. I think he's excited to feel better!

^^^ those two top teeth. I love, I love! ^^^

Tonight we finally went out as a family to dinner after going to Chandlers school to pick up some books for this next semester. While eating our dinner, I went to help Noah with his juice box, but he took it out of my hands and insisted on doing it himself. Then he decided to feed himself his own dinner and Chan and I were both like, "wait! when did you get so big!?". We went on talking about how crazy it is that we have a ONE year old and how much we love this stage. We don't even remember what life was like without him. He's so much fun to have around and we love him so, so much! And we love that he is old enough to show us how much he loves us even! Noah will hug us so softly while patting our back. He will also spot us across the room and wrinkle his little button nose while he starts crawling as fast as he can towards us ready for a big wet baby kiss. 
Moments like that just melt my mama heart. 

^^^ the yummiest, cutest baby lips. ^^^

^^^ Telling mama a very interesting story. ^^^

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