Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A party for my wild thing.

^^^ Those teeth! ^^^

Here I am, finally posting about Noah's Birthday party that we celebrated on the 10th of this month. 
Noah's birthday was a "wild thing" theme after one of his favorite books, Where The Wild Things Are. 
After all, he is our little wild thing. 

 One thing I learned from this birthday party was to be 3 hours early to set up. We got there 30 minutes before the party started so I was a little bummed to not get everything set up like I DREAMED but it turned out okay. Thank you to those that were there to help and a big thank you to my sister, Rachel, who made his cakes. Thanks to everyone who also helped out with the yummy food!

The cake banners and flag banner were made by me.
Noah's crown and onesie we found on Etsy.
Rachel Varella from Camera Shy in Lehi took Noah's One Year pictures and I am in love with them!

 Noah was so lucky to have so many great people there! That weekend was the same weekend as his Uncle Landons Mission farewell so we had a lot of Chan's family in town along with my Aunt and Grandma that were visiting us from California. Thank you Landon for sharing that weekend with Noah! We were glad they could make it along with our family and friends! I wish I could have gotten photos of everyone.

^^^ And then it came time for Noah to blow out his cake. I won't lie, we practiced this at home all week. 
I guess he had a little stage fright so mama had to help blow out the candle. ^^^

^^^ I kinda, sorta knew this might happen. This baby hates getting dirty so he had to use a spoon to smash his cake. ^^^

^^^ and I guess he's watching that baby figure of his so he thought he'd share his cake instead of eating it himself. ^^^

^^^ He's cousins ended up feeding him. He loves them! ^^^

^^^ and a bite for mama of course! ^^^

Thank you all for Noah's gifts! He is one lucky boy to be loved and spoiled by all of you!
I think he's set with toys for a long long time.
Thank you, Thank you!

Again, Thank you all so much for coming and celebrating Noah's First birthday with us!
We love this baby of ours and we are so lucky to have the sweetest friends and family loving him too!

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  1. I love all these pictures!!! He's so handsome!!! I'm wishing I'd had enough time to fix the boys hair before we ran up there, lol! Da-well. Love you munchkin Noah man!!! XOXO