Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Noah!

August 8th is here, and you, my sweet baby, are ONE!

Last night, I sat across from your dad at the kitchen table working on your birthday decorations while your dada was studying for school. You were sound asleep in your bed by 8:00 pm. It was so quiet in our home and I found myself tip-toing inside your room to give you another kiss goodnight.
I think it was hitting me. My Noah's first birthday was just hours away, and my little mama heart was about to burst.

Noah, you came into this world with such a powerful presence. I remember you being placed on my chest and I put my hand so gently upon your warm little tummy, listening to your strong sweet cry and seeing your very large newborn feet thinking to myself, "I'm a mama." and "Is he really mine? Really?" I had waited so long to finally meet you and there you were, so healthy and so handsome with beautiful dark, thick hair. We are so lucky to have you, little man.

You have blessed our home with your sweet spirit, Noah. We feel so blessed to watch you grow and learn day by day. It is hard to remember life without you. Your sweet baby voice melts me, your little side grin makes my day. I love finding your little handprints on everything you touch. I just love every little thing about you.
I am forever grateful to have the privilege of being your mama here on earth.
Thank you for being so tender. Thank you for your open mouthed kisses. Thank you for your soft hugs and thank you for teaching me so many things about this beautiful life.

I love you eternally, my little love.

Happy Birthday!

Special thank you to Rachel Varella for taking Noah's One year pictures and making me tear up viewing them. 
She's awesome! 

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