Wednesday, May 22, 2013

life lately with a 9 month old.

I can honestly say, I have loved every stage of this little mans 9 months of being here. I'm telling you though... 9 months is my most favorite so far. Its like that moment where they are still a baby, yet, they seem to start becoming a little toddler too! He is so fun and so happy and so growing up fast. He is always on the move, always busy and is just a big boy. When its quiet and he's asleep and all I hear are his little baby mumble talk and those precious soft breaths he takes in, I just wish I could lay there and watch him, listen to him and take it all in until he wakes up. I love those moments. I look forward to those moments.

Noah army crawls so fast but is now crawling more normal and also doing the crab walk. He pulls himself up to everything and is walking around furniture. He's very independent and likes to do things himself. He is very good a mimicking what we do like: smacking his lips, clicking his tongue, waving hi when we say hi, clapping his hands, blinking, shaking his head, making a kissy face, giving kisses and dancing. His favorite thing right now is going down the slides at the park and he can do it all by himself on his tummy and then scoots off of it. He can crawl upstairs but not down. He is trying really hard to walk right now and loves when we help him. Noah still crawls to the bathtub when he wants a bath about 5-10 times a day and now we have to be more careful because he has figured out how to pull himself in.
He loves seeing his dad when he gets home from work and loves to hang out with him.

Noah is very social. He loves to go visit friends and family. He loves kids and loves being able to play with them. I've noticed that going to nana and papa shelby's is his favorite place to go. When we get there he is just ready to get down and catch up on whatever he's missed. He discovered the toy room at my moms on Mothers day when his Dad found him in there playing with the other kids and now every time we go there he finds it on his own. Noah loves pets, especially my dads dog, phoebe, and Chans family dog, Missy. He can now say "ruff ruff".

Noah has two bottom teeth and is getting his two top teeth right now so he's been drooling a lot. He isn't fussy and doesn't too uncomfortable. I guess we are lucky! His hair is getting longer and more wavy, his eyes are getting more and more blue and when we thought he was going to be a fair baby it seems like he might just be the opposite and tan like his dad.

We love you, Noah!

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