Monday, February 25, 2013


^^^While this guy right here seems to think sitting up is for all the other babies out there, ^^^
he has been cruising around scooting and getting into all of mama's things
So I decided to bring in some little friends to help him SIT!

Don't get me wrong, I DO love watching that little army crawl of his and seeing how infatuated he is with every door stopper and drawer in sight. He is one BUSY guy and I already have my hands full!

^^^Those curly cues just keep getting curlier and longer by the day!^^^

^^^He fell in love with this baby giraffe today.^^^

^^^In love with this big smile of his!^^^

With his 7 month birthday just around the corner I am amazed with how quickly he learns and grows!
I am proud of you big boy!
He is sooo fast! Before we know it he is at the other end of the room, getting into things he shouldn't, pulling my hair out of my head, grabbing our noses, pulling out the drawers, throwing sweet kisses here and there, eating that baby food like its nobodies business and putting everything in that mouth for a taste. Which means.... We are in the process of baby proofing this place!