Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love day.

^^^This little Valentine of mine got some new fun things for his first Valentines day!
He was so wide eyed looking back at us like, FOR ME!?
While going back and grabbing them and putting them up to his mouth. 

This Valentines day was real simple for us this year.
With it being one of my favorite Holidays I knew I would be heartbroken leaving this little baby of ours behind,
especially on HIS very first Valentines day.
I mean, he is our little valentine too!!!
Until he of course meets the girl of his dreams and doesn't need his mama over here anymore.
Lets just hope thats a very long ways away....
So we stayed home for the night and Chandler made me a homemade steak dinner (his specialty)
and it was delish!

 The heart garlands were made by me. I was a little nervous at first but they were so easy and fast! 
I thought I would add a string filled with polaroids of our loved ones.
The chalkboard was made my by sister and I love it! I want to make more!
I love doing a little chalkboard art for the holidays and I think I'm needing a bigger one.
Maybe a whole chalkboard wall for Noah's room someday.

Hope your Valentines day was filled with lots of LOVE!


  1. That baby is so sweet! I wouldn't want to leave home either. How are you so good at decorating?? You need to give me lessons!

    1. Thanks Meg! Decorating is my therapy... If only I had all the money in the world I would probably just own my dream home and decorate it differently everyday! haha. I'll give you lessons and you can give me writing lessons!

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