Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Isaac's baptism

On Saturday my nephew Isaac was baptized. Chan had to go to school since he has finals so it was just me and Noah this morning. Noah watched mama get ready before we headed to grandma and grandpas to get a ride with them up to Heber.
Isaac and I. So proud of him!
Jolene, Tyson, Alayna, Olivia, Isaac and Ethan
little stud
My twin nephews, Fritz and Finn. love them!

Noah playing patty cake with Grandmpa
Olivia being a big cousin holding Noah who is almost as big as her!
Alayna loving the christmas tree
Noah with my aunt Mary
My nephew Rocky getting excited about walking!
My nephew Owen who wanted me to take his picture(:
We are so proud of you Isaac! You are such a sweet boy and a great example to all your cousins! Congratulations on your baptism. We love you!

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