Tuesday, December 4, 2012

family time.

The other night we went to noodles and company as a little family to have dinner. Noah was so happy and excited to be with his dad. I love watching these two! He was cooing and giggling and all smiles! After dinner we went over to barnes & noble to get Noah his first Christmas book. We have always loved going there together since we got married!
When we got home we finished decorating our little Christmas tree.
We have a bigger tree but I didn't think it would fit in our apartment but after putting this little one up I realized it would have and I was bummed! But it turned out cute any way.
Noah watched mama decorate and looked at the bright lights in his cozy christmas moose pajama's. Then we put Noah's First Christmas ornament that we had made for him on the tree. He LOVES giving kisses now and he wouldn't stop so we got a picture :)
His little train ornament that I LOVE! This will be given to him to put on his very own tree every year with his SO BOY ornaments. I'm excited for this tradition!

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