Sunday, December 9, 2012

haapy 4 months.

To our Noah!

My baby is 4 months!? are you serrrrious??? Oh my goodness we love him!
Noah is now sitting in his bumbo and starting to grab toys! He is so interested in everything around. We just wants to grab everything and put it in his mouth. He LOVES patterns. Any pattern he see's he just stares and tries his hardest to get to it. He has to sleep on the most boring looking sheets and blankets because if they have anything on them he just stares at them and wont fall asleep haha. Noah loves sucking on his hands and tries to get his whole fist in there. He likes to bite on things too so I am wondering if he's soon going to be teething. Lately I've caught him with his two middle fingers in his mouth which is hilarious because I sucked on my two middle fingers as a baby.
This little guy wants to eat our food so bad! I was going to wait 6 months to start him on rice cereal but he acts so ready so I just might have to start feeding him at 5 months. Every time we put our food in our mouth he follows it with his eyes and opens his mouth. It makes us feel so bad!
Noah is such a talker. He talks talks and talks! Sometimes at church he talks so loud and for so long that I have to leave the meetings. It is sooo funny! He also loves to sing. When there is music playing he goes crazy. He just loves his voice! Noah also tries to talk through being sad instead of crying. It is the sweetest thing. He is one tough baby boy!
He is a mover. He loves to be standing up and he has been trying so hard to roll from his back to his tummy. when he's on his tummy he seems to move far from scooting his way around somehow! We now have to be careful leaving him on any high surfaces.
Noahs hair is getting so long. The other day my dad told me I need to cut it and I was like 'ummm, never dad!' We are letting his hair grow loooong! We love to style it too :)
He loves to raise his eyebrows and smile at everyone. He especially loves little kids and gets so excited when they are around.
Noah still loves pulling his blanket up to his face when he sleeps and it is the funniest thing. We will take it down and he'll just keep putting it up. He is such a cuddle baby!
We love you!

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