Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Noah's first month.

It is definitely an adjustment being parents for the first time, but we have been so blessed with Noah.
Here is him having his first bath at home the night we got home from the hospital.
I was so stressed giving him this bath with his dad. He does not like being cold one bit so sponge baths are definitely not his fave.

he has such a long body! long arms, long legs, long torso, long fingers and even long feet and toes.
he is always stretching that tired body!
after leaving the hospital we went to visit grandma laura.
and we got a speeding ticket on the way home... boo
this is Noah at 4:00am after a feeding.
Noah will wake up for one or two feedings in the night and fall right back to sleep.
I love this time with him. It's so hard for me to sleep sometimes because I just want to hold him and soak in this newborn stage as much as possible!
they say babies only smile this early out of reflex... but i know my baby dreams of heaven because he is ALWAYS giggling and smiling in his sleep.
I love these big eyes and chubby cheeks!
my little lion! Noah was a little jaundice when he was born so he's a little orange here.

Ooooh my goodness i love this boy
so tiny in his swing. we will see if he loves this later!

here we took Noah out for the first time. we went to get ice cream at the marble slab
His little smirks melt me. I love them!

Chandler and I have wavy thick hair and Noah's is always straight and fluffy except for bath time. isn't it sooo cute? I think his hair will have wave to it the more it grows in

Noah laying in his crib for the very first time. We don't let him sleep in here yet.
He sleeps in a cradle next to our bed for now.

snoozing away! his favorite thing... aside from eating of course!

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