Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy may 1st!

It's may!
I can't believe how bad I was at taking pictures over the weekend. I wish I had! It was a very fun one.
On friday night Chandler and I went to the baby store for a few things and then over to Barns & Noble where we had Starbucks and read some books. After that we ate dinner at Kneaders and then hung out at my moms house for the night just talking. My mom got our little boy so many cute clothes so I was having fun going through them :). On Saturday morning Chandler went to play basketball bright and early like he does every saturday and I went to park city with my mom, sisters and Lindsey. The outlet mall there is so amazing! I got so much baby stuff, i loved it. After walking around all morning we went out to lunch at Cafe Rio and went to a couple boutiques in Heber by my sisters house and then went home. I LOVE the Midway Heber area. It's so pretty up there! And the drive home is beautiful through the Provo canyon. My sweet husband came to pick me up and we hung out with his family the rest of the day/night. I missed him all day! That night his mom felt our little baby move around and kick. He kicked her like crazy, it was so cute. On sunday we went to Church and taught our sweet little nursery kids and after church we went back to chandlers families house for a big family party for Parker. We love being around family :) and it was a perfect day for a big BBQ. After our wild weekend Chandler and I went home and watched the movie Amelie (thanks to Jill for letting us borrow it) and we loved it! Not to mention the soundtrack is amazing and has my favorite musician from France, Yann Tiersen throughout the film. We had a BUSY weekend and are still trying to catch up on some sleep but this week is already going by so fast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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