Thursday, May 3, 2012

inspired nursery rooms.

I never thought that deciding on how to do my little boys nursery room would be so difficult!
I'm completely lost but today I found some rooms that inspired me on

At first I was thinking of doing something more vintage and calm or more soft and light, but lately I've been loving the bright modern look. 
I love animal themed boy rooms and will most likely choose to do that but I also like the owls, airplanes and just 'so boy' themes. 
I am a fan of all the cubbie ideas along with the books hanging from the wall. 
Chandler and I are all about kid books so I think I'll do something like that.

I'm sure I'll figure it all out and his room will turn out just great!
I love decorating and his little room will be so fun to set up.
One excited mama to be over here!


  1. If you need any help moving, cleaning, painting or anything let me know!