Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dear baby.

Today you weigh a pound and two-thirds and measure at about 14 inches from your head to your little feetsies! you are growing stronger each day and mommy and daddy couldn't be more excited for your arrival. We are starting to learn your personality, along with your funny sleep schedule, and it makes our hearts melt getting to know how sweet and special you are already. Mama doesn't need her alarm clock anymore because you like to nudge her to wake up at around 4:30am and then again at about 7 when your dad gets up to get ready for work. I think you can sense that he's not next to us anymore because it happens almost every morning now :). Baby boy, you've given your mommy the giggles. I giggle at everything and anything and I'm sure it disturbs your sleep most of the time, just know I'm very happy. You are becoming more playful when it comes to mine or your dads touch. We get an instant kick from you when you are talked to or poked at. Sweet baby boy, you are big enough now that I can feel your little bum poking up on my belly and your little head nestled all snug inside. Your new favorite thing that I might not be a fan of is your little kicks when It's bed time, especially when you choose to kick mamas bladder making her take several trips to the bathroom before she finally falls asleep.  Daddy is very protective of you and I. He makes sure we are both healthy and strong and that we get enough sleep. He doesn't like it when people(or I) poke at you too much, he thinks you might get hurt or woken up ;) silly daddy, he loves you! Something I can't get enough of is following your long legs as they move across my stomach. Your mommy loves that and I can't wait to kiss those little toesies when you get here. What a blessing you are to us.

you are very loved, little one.

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