Saturday, April 12, 2014

We decided to be extra adventurous.

^^^ This sweet babe of mine… He has had a rough couple of weeks. It seems like he has caught every little bug going around which is something we are so not used to! He's never been one to catch anything, really. He's been one healthy baby for the most part. 
This week has been good. It seems as though we have gotten him back to his old self and he's been the sweetest, happiest guy.

The other day I was telling Chan how I really need to get back into blogging. It's like my Journal. I'm so sad I've missed a few months of Noah updates!
So, here I am….

In a few short weeks we are packing up our car and driving our little family across the U.S. to Raleigh, NC. 
Yes, Chan is doing sales this summer and yes its going to be one big adventure for all of us. We thought, why not? It'll be a fun change and Chan really wants to do this before he starts the Accounting Program. We moved out of our apartment a little bit ago and Chans family was so sweet and kind to let us take two rooms in their beautiful home until we leave. 

Noah has been in Heaven here. He LOVES his Nana and Papas house. 
While being here he's been helping his Papa out with the animals. Feeding the horses and the Chickens. He even gets to collect the chicken eggs and bring them in. It's his job and he takes it very seriously. He also loves helping his Nana unload the dishes and with the vacuuming. He even helps her cook especially when she's using the beaters! Noah loves his Uncle Parker. He always goes into his room and tries to turn on his cool music and follows him around all day long.

We've loved our time here. Its so crazy to think we will be leaving behind our family for a summer. It's freaking me out a little. Today I saw my Sister, Rachel and while walking next to her with both our babies in their strollers she wrapped her arms around me and said "You can't leave! I'll miss you! I don't like this!". Then it really hit me. I'm such a baby and have never really been away from my family for a long period of time. I look up to all of my friends out of State, away from their families. You guys are so strong! 

So, Any way,  I'll be over here in this little corner of the internet, posting our every move for our family to follow along. We will miss you all so much! And our friends! I'll be face timing you all like crazy! 

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