Thursday, January 10, 2013

happy 5 months on the 8th

Noah man!

You are such a happy boy who loves to talk and talk and talk! 
You absolutely LOVE your name and understand when it is said to you.
You are getting to be a very busy guy who scoots and rolls all over the place. Today was your very first "real" time rolling from your back to your tummy and we got it on video!
You have discovered your toesies and love to grab those feet and pull them to your mouth.
Mornings are the happiest waking up to your sweet little voice talking or laughing waiting for us to get up with you. You love to cuddle with mama and dad in bed and touch our faces or hold our hands
until you fall asleep. Bath time is still something you love and I am sure it will only get to be more
of your favorite thing!
You are still so interested in food and want to try it sooo bad, only one more month!
You love to walk around and look at new things.
I love how much you try to talk through your frustrations instead of crying until you get
what you want/need. You've been blowing bubbles like crazy and soaking your chin
in spit.
Sometimes you start your very own baby conversations that last about 15 minutes and
it cracks us up. You are getting really good at grabbing your toys, feet, our hands, mama's hair and sometimes your very own hair. When you grab your hair you cry because you can't let go of it :)
You love music and you are loving being read to.
You are a very curious baby and when you want something you pucker your lips and crunch your
eyebrows while trying your hardest to get it in your hands or mouth.
I can tell you want to crawl so badly! 
So we will have to work on that and you sitting on your own. 
Happy 5 months baby boy!
We are excited to see how much you grow this next one ahead!

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