Monday, November 5, 2012



Time is flying by and i find myself way too busy to blog! But this month I want to do most of my blog posts on what I am most thankful for.
So today I'm starting out with my greatest blessing!
my oh-so-sweet HUSBAND who I am so lucky to spend the rest of forever with.
I love that my days begin with him and my days end with him. If only I could spend ALL day LONG with him! I miss that man every second we are away from each other and I still get so excited to see him come home at the end of the day.
Chandler has never missed a day leaving to work without kissing me goodbye, whether I'm asleep or he's in a hurry.
He has always done that one little thing that makes my days start out the best. And now he does the same for Noah and it makes me melt watching him be a loving dad to our son.
Chan is a great dad and I already know our children will look up to him and love him unconditionally.
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for this man in my life for all that he has done for me and all that he is doing for our family and for our future.

I continue to fall in love with him and my love for him is and will always be never ending.

Love you, babe.

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