Monday, November 12, 2012

3 months.

those big blue eyes and little tongue
that little button nose
that tender sweet little smile
those yummy little thighs and chunky hands
and that full head of hair and cute little bum

This little guy turned 3 months on the 8th of this month!
We love seeing him learn new things!
Noah loves his sleep which means I get to sleep at night but a month ago he moved out of our room to his very own room and big crib. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, but he has loved sleeping in his room and I feel like we all get better sleep that way. Noah has a routine everyday that he has pretty much decided on his own and it just happens to work out perfect for us!
Noah takes a bedtime bath every night. We learned early on that this helps him sleep best so we've stuck to it and it has become one of his most favorite things!
He will have a bath around 8:00pm and after we will dry him off and massage his legs and arms with
lotion, put his jammies on, brush his hair and then he will nurse. 
We will have a little time with him before he falls asleep right at 9 o'clock! Noah will then sleep until 5:00am and wake to nurse then fall back to sleep.
I will wake Noah up at 7:30 to get him ready for the day and head to work. He still takes many naps throughout the day and I'm trying to figure out a good day routine that works for him.
Noah has been rolling over from tummy to back a lot and will turn from his back to his side.
He loves to suck on his hands lately and it is so cute and he also loves to hold his blankets up to his face. He is a busy boy but he is also a cuddly one.
He will nestle his nose into us which means he just wants to snuggle and i love it. He still loves having his hands up to his face or our face against his. He has started to giggle and is coo-ing so much!
Noah loves to take everything in so he likes when we walk him around and show him things.
He loves the bright lights and isn't a fan of the dark except when he's sleeping. He has gotten really good at recognizing people and loves to talk to everyone! He has been holding his head up so well and tries very hard to lift it up on his own while he's laying on our lap or on the floor. Pretty soon he will be able to sit in his bumbo and I'm so excited! He will always try to stand on his legs like a big boy and as much as i try to not let him do that (since his bones are still soft) he always finds a way!
Oh, and I can't forget! He LOVES to hold his hands. One of the sweetest things ever! I'll always find him asleep in his carseat, crib or just hanging out holding his hands and it melts my heart.
I love you baby boy!

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