Monday, November 12, 2012

1st month favorites.

Aden+anais swaddle blankets- These blankets are not only super cute but they are so soft and cuddly! They are great for swaddling, tummy time, carseat covers to keep out germs and also lightweight for summertime.

Lansinoh Lanolin cream- If you are breast feeding I would recommend this cream. It's very soothing and not too oily. Plus it doesn't hurt babies tummy!

Nursing pads- I loved these disposable nursing pads! I hardly even noticed them and they are pretty inexpensive. Plus they come in a huge box and work great!

Boppy- We LOVED our boppy bare naked pillow for our newborn. We used it all the time, it was a lifesaver! We like having the slipcovers to put on so we can wash them when needed. The boppy is great for nursing (especially first time nursing moms), propping while holding baby, or even swaddling baby and laying in the middle. (please note I never left my baby alone while using the boppy)

JJ Cole Body Support Pillow- If you have a newborn with Torticollis I would highly recommend buying a body support pillow for you car seat and stroller. I would want to cry every time I would get my baby out of the car and seeing his head hanging all on one side. Noah had Torticollis really bad at the beginning and this is the one that work best for us. It is great for head and body positioning. It is also super soft, comfy and adjustable. I think with any newborn you should have something like this to keep their bodies straightened and comfortable.

Newborn Mittens- We used these carters newborn boy mittens for our Noah and loved them. I was always worried with having newborn pictures scheduled that he would scratch his little face! Plus their little nails are so soft at the beginning that I didn't want to trim them just yet! He loved having his hands by his face so I kept these on him and he had no scratches! It is also so sad when they do accidentally scratch their tender skin.

Burp Cloths - I never thought I would have a spitty baby but sure enough Noah had reflux when he was born. It has slowly gone away but he will continue to spit up. So I have needed to stock up on burp cloths! These ones are great for absorbing and also for bibs as well.

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