Thursday, September 20, 2012

tayten's wedding.

My best friend Tayten was sealed to her man Jason on Saturday September 15th for time and all eternity in the salt lake LDS temple.
What a special sealing they had!
Chan and I are so happy we were able to be there, thanks to my sister who sat with our little one to make that possible!
Everything was perfect and it turned out so great. It was a very big day of celebration from the temple to the luncheon then to the reception and with us having a newborn I think we did pretty well!
 What a good baby he is. 
I will never forget helping set up the reception and looking over to see like 8 out of the 50(i don't think you have enough friends, Jason.) groomsmen surrounding Noah in his carriage just oohing and awing at him. It was so sweet!
any way, I'm very happy for you girl! You looked gorgeous as always and I'm so happy that you have a sweet man now to share every day with for ever and ever!
you two babes. sheeesh!

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