Wednesday, July 11, 2012

crazy July.

What a busy month it has been and the craziest part hasn't even started!
I've had the last 5 days off of work and still have 6 more to go! I should be packing up my little apartment but I just don't want to haha. We are moving on Friday and I just can't wait any longer!
I've been trying my hardest to get up, walk around, shop with my husband or tay, clean up my home but it seems like every day it just gets harder and harder walking around with the constant need to use the toilet to pee. It is quite inconvenient i tell ya! The feeling of a bowling ball between your legs isn't the most comfortable thing, but it's comforting to know that labor is on its way. Not to mention the start of contractions(the real thing) last night in the middle of dinner with our friends. Thank goodness they stopped after taking a bath and getting into bed, little boy needs to pack on a little more fat even though I'm sure he's a little chub already.

My to do list:

1. pack our apartment
2. move
3. set up our little mans room
4. unpack and put together our new home
5. pack the Hospital bag
6. finish our final much needed purchases
7. make tay's temple dress
8. go into labor
9. have this baby boy
10. take him home and enjoy every sweet little second i have with my two boys.

that's what we have for the rest of July!
what could be better than ending it with lots of cuddles, movies, sleeping (hopefully), little walks, learning how to be parents, and just holding and loving our precious little baby?
I'm sure it'll be heavenly :)
And I am well aware that along the way i'll be exhausted and possibly emotional, but I think we are pretty dang ready for this new moment in our life.

Now show yourself little man!
....maybe wait another week or two ;)

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