Thursday, June 14, 2012

Im a little behind on my baby bump updates,
but I assure you he is still growing healthy and strong!
We've been so busy and a little stressed lately that time has kinda flown by.
The other day I glanced at myself in the mirror and about screamed after seeing
how unbelievably LARGE i am getting.
Not too long after my little mirror scare my oh so sweet husband says "BABE! holy cow you're belly has grown!" Thanks sweetie pie, that makes me feel much better :)
This baby seems to have grown before my eyes could see and has surprised his mama
with a whole lot of discomfort.

I do still love you baby boy, but I am counting down the days for you to be here!
It amazes me how strong he has gotten and I love feeling him tossing and turning in there
with all his crazy nudges trying to get comfy in his cramped little space.
Chandler felt his wild little summersaults the other night and was blown away!
It is probably the most interesting thing ever.

Little man you showed auntie tay your little bum yesterday
and I think you kinda scared her. hahaha
not to mention our shopping trip was cut short due to your mama barely being able to walk and breathe.
But I know she still loves you :)

Our small little apartment is becoming cramped with lots of little baby things tucked here and there in all the corners as we try to find our new home, but we are getting so excited to welcome this little bundle of joy in about 6 weeks!

Like I said we've been so busy, we have also been taking childbirthing classes and we LOVE it.
it is completely not what we expected and we love going every week.
It has helped us calm down a little bit and that is just what I needed.

My baby shower is this weekend and I cannot wait to see my good friends and family.
Thanks to my sweet sissy Rachel and best friend Tay and Step mama Laurie for putting it all together, you guys are great!
I can't believe this time is already here! And soon I'll be washing all these tiny clothes and packing the hospital bag.

All along with this baby stuff, I've loved helping my best friend plan her wedding.
Tay helped me with a lot of ideas for my own wedding and let me just say this girl knows her stuff.
She's been planning this day for a very long time now and i'm getting so excited as the time draws nearer. I love that this baby gets to be here for it!
Her wedding is going to be the most beautiful thing.
I'm so glad I was able to watch her pick out the prettiest little dress and for her fitting, what a sweet little moment that was.
Her colors are perfect, her ring is a beauty, her dress is beyond gorgeous and her and Jason are the cutest little babes. I'm happy for you babygirl!
It's good to know you're feeling better after your scary hospital stay
and even though we are wicked busy I'm glad we get our relax time by the pool, shopping, lunch dates and just talking about stupid things haha.

what a crazy summer we have here.

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  1. Girl i totally just teared up. I love you more than words can say. You are such an amazing person and you are already the best mother. Noah is a lucky lil boy have such great parents who love him so much. Thank you for being my best friend you are always there for me when i need you.
    Its going to be so perfect when our lil baby boy gets here. i love him so much already and can't wait to meet him and pat his little bum without your tiny little belly in between :)
    Love you so much cait!