Thursday, March 15, 2012


some of our favorite things right now are:

1. being outside in the pretty warm/almost spring weather!
spring is my most favorite season. I get SO EXCITED and I love love Easter :)
not to mention my birthday is coming up. I can't believe i'll be 23 soon!

2. registering for our baby boy!
We've registered for our baby at Buybuybaby
and it's so fun! I highly recommend that store for babies.
 It has everything you can think of and more.
Plus you can go in at any time to add to your registry
or even add and remove anything online at anytime.
We love looking at baby stuff. You think registering for your wedding is fun,
just wait till you have a baby :)
but just be aware when bringing the husband,
they might want to scan all of the toys like mine did!

3. Going to Barns & Noble. We love this store but spend way too much every time we go!
We have started baby's book collection with some of our favorites.
Which reminds me, I have recently learned that baby loves hearing mommy read.
I was reading his books to miss Isabel the other day and he would not stop moving around!

4. Movie or hulu nights in bed on the laptop. I usually last about 10 minutes till I fall deep asleep.
poor husband! not to mention I have to sleep with 4 pillows surrounding me to be comfortable.

5. I'm in love with my humidifier right now.
I've had a sore throat and stuffy nose for like 3 months now so a humidifier is a must!

6. Leggings! leggings save my life! It's all i want to wear right now.
Anything snug around my belly feels so yucky to me.
I just ordered maternity leggings from Gap yesterday and I can't wait for them to get here along
with some of the baby's things I ordered too.

7. Some shows i've been watching lately are American Idol (i usually don't like this show),
The Voice, New girl, modern family and the bachelor but that one was so dumb and is finally over...

8. I'm still loving fruit or refreshing things like lots of water or blue powerade.
And I'm still craving the bad things that I want so bad like sushi or ding dongs :)

9. I was finally able to DEEP clean our home.
Lets just say it was very much needed and makes me so happy!
Thank goodness for sol-u-mel my favorite cleaner of all time!

10. We've welcomed two more birdies into our home.
Yes, now we have four. This time we got two finches and they are so funny looking!
They were a little picked on so they are missing a lot of feathers right now and it makes me laugh.
But we love them :)

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