Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Chandler proposed to me on April 17th, the day before my birthday. He took me out for the day to longboard down Provo canyon and to have a cute picnic in his favorite park where he ended up proposing to me. It was the cutest thing ever!!! We were eating our lunch and he barely ate anything because he was so nervous haha. Then he took a walk with me onto this bridge that has a pretty river that runs under it and he hugged me and I could feel his heart pounding so I asked him if he was okay and then he knelt down. I was blown away with how beautiful the ring was and how cute he was. Afterwords we heard clapping and cheering down the river and this group that we hadn't seen before was watching haha. I loved every second of it! I couldn't stop smiling and we went to all of our families houses after to celebrate! I love you babe :) 
you're so cute!

I want to add our other photographers engagments to this but they are not on my computer 
so I will add them later :)

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