Sunday, September 25, 2016

Penelope's Birthday Party.

It only took me two months to post, but here are the pictures from our tiny girl's 1st birthday party!
We celebrated our little Penny's first year of life with some of our closest friends and family.
I had so much fun making this balloon arch with my dad! We had sweet tooth fairy cake and cupcakes, ice cream cones and too many sweets. 
When it was time for her cake smashing she wanted nothing to do with it unless we let her stand up and dig in with a spoon and then she wiggled and jiggled the whole time she ate it. I literally had to peel her away before she got too much of a sugar rush. 

When I was pregnant with Penelope I was so sick. I was sick with both pregnancies but hers was a different sick and it was HARD! The second I had her I felt an immediate connection with her. Her first day of life was a little scary for us after being told she might have a heart disorder. I felt like I needed to protect her with everything I had. My heart grew 100 times bigger that day and having her in my arms made me immediately feel like I would do that pregnancy over and over again just to have her with me. The first year of having my girl in my life flew by so fast. She has been a complete opposite of her brother so everything has been different. She's always been a big time nurser which makes her such a big mama's girl but at the same time she won't just lay there and snuggle with me like her brother did. She is so busy and always has to be moving or doing something. She has been so independent (probably to keep up with brother) so she rolled, crawled, walked all very early. There have been a couple of times where i've just though, wait a minute! You can't do that yet!
 She has such a fire in her personality and she's very confident. She waves hi and bye to everyone and she loves people. A big time people person! Animals make her so happy, she adores her grandparents, nana, papa, her aunts and uncles, her brother is her best friend. She adores her dad and loves when he sings. She is sweeter than cake and I am so lucky to call her my girl.

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