Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Every morning we wake up to the sweetest little morning voice saying softly, "hi mama! hi dada!" and then he asks for his two red cars to hold in each hand.
Our big time morning person.
He is our little ray of sunshine in our home with those golden locks and big blue eyes and that sweet spirit that radiates happiness.

About two months ago Noah became very interested in colors. In fact, he out of nowhere learned of the color "yeh-yow" and became obsessed with everything he saw that was yellow. Every time we took a trip to the local grocery store he would point out the balloons and ask so sweetly, 
"mama, yeh-yow ba-woon?". 
After that I grabbed some flashcards from Target with colored shapes and about 3 days later he had every color mastered. Ever since learning his colors he points out every color he sees. He likes to point out the colors of the cars in the parking lot, (red cars are his favorite, or black jeeps like his daddy's)  and also the colors on his clothing and his yellow pants are by far his favorite to wear. No surprise there!

As of right now he is wanting to talk about his A's and B's and C's. ^^^ I grabbed this book 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' by Bill Martin Jr. at Target. ^^^ He LOVES this book. I highly recommend it to those little abc learners out there. The rhythm is fun and catchy and it's also full of bright colors. His favorite parts are when all of the letters fall out of the coconut tree and also the moon at the very end. He is so fascinated with the Moon and loves to say, "night night moon" every chance he gets. Sometimes his dad will take him out to see it right before bedtime and he loves that.

Noah is a little ball of energy. It amazes me the love of learning this little human has. He's so curious of every little thing around him and is constantly trying to figure things out. He keeps me on my toes and sometimes I have to stop myself from getting upset when I find him coloring his face with my lipstick to pulling out ALL of his clean and nicely folded laundry onto the floor and dumping a whole bottle of gel in his hair all within 20 minutes. How does that possibly happen you might ask? It happens people. It's real life. 
It takes a lot of time and patience but I've learned just how important it is to get down on Noah's level and really listen to his wants and needs and to also sit back and let him figure things out. Sometimes I'll find him struggling to pull himself up on the couch or trying to figure out how he can hold all of his cars all at once while bending down for the very last car as the rest tumble back to the ground. Little things like that I've had to try to sit back and be patient and just let him be and learn how to figure it out on his own.

I don't know why but I love finding him so content with playing alone as he sits quietly and flips through his books or his flash cards or pushes his cars along his car mat that his nana made for him all while making little car sounds like beep beep and vroooom!. I love watching his little imagination grow.

He's starting to put together little sentences here and there. Sometimes we feel a little caught off guard by some of the things he says or little things he picks up from observing others. Lately he will randomly come up to me and close his eyes and ask "kiss eyes? kiss eyes?".
Sometimes when he coughs he will be so polite by saying, "mama, excuse me".
If Chan and I make a mess or drop something he'll say, "ooooooh niiiice!".
He also tells us now at the end of the day, "I go night night". And he really does go night night.

That is a little bit of life with our Noah man. He misses all of his family back home and we can't wait to see all of you!

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