Monday, September 16, 2013

a weekend camping with friends.

We spent our Labor Day weekend camping up at Silver Lake with our friends.
We got there Saturday Afternoon and stayed overnight and left Monday night. Our friends stayed another day but we didn't want to keep Noah outside any longer. (it got pretty cold at night)

On Sunday we went on a Hike to the upper Silver Lake. 
Chan and I have gone on this hike a lot ever since we started dating. Chandler carved this in a tree a couple of years ago so he added Noah's name this year. 

^^^ What a cute husband I have. ^^^

^^^ Devri, Josh, Ashley and Curtis. ^^^

^^^ Love this face ^^^

Once we got to the top we had Lunch and fished. Some people even took naps.
Curtis was the only one to catch a fish. I little iddy biddy fish.

^^^ tired baby ^^^

I can't tell you how many hikes we've gone on this summer, but this guy right here has carried Noah every single time.
We finally decided to get a baby carrier after this last one.

^^^ Oh, I love them so! ^^^

We love living so close to these pretty Utah mountains!


  1. Oh man! That tree carving business totally melted my heart! Awesome that you found it again!

  2. The tree carving is so sweet, what a beautiful idea to add the name to the end x