Monday, July 29, 2013

The fourth of July!

This post is a tiny bit late. 
Hope you all had a fun Independence day!

^^^ We spent the hot summer day at my dads pool for the 4th of July. Noah loves the water! Our little fishy. We usually don't have dada around at the pool with us so Noah was extra excited to play with him. His new favorite thing is to jump off the side of the pool and have us catch him. What a little fishy he is. We love it!

After a very hot day in the sun we ran home to get ready to head over to my sisters house for my big brothers firework show that he puts on every year.
Noah went crazy over the sparklers and tried to grab the pretty sparkly part many times (eek!)

^^^I was a little worried about how he might react the the crazy loud exploding fireworks.
He was SO big eyed and excited. He loved them.^^^

^^^Noah with his Grandma Laurie^^^

We love the fourth or July.
We love America!

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