Tuesday, June 11, 2013

life lately.

My baby is 10 months! Its bittersweet saying goodbye to 9 months which has been my favorite stage so far of this little man but we are so excited to plan his first birthday that is coming up! We have one adventurous, social, sweet, happy and extremely loving baby on our hands. Noah, I love you so!
^^^He loves playing with all his toys. His favorite ones are his "vroom vroom" (trucks), animals, blocks, doggy guitar and his activity walker.^^^
^^^He is trying so hard to walk lately! He loves being with his Nana.^^^
^^^A little family trip to Blickenstaffs this past weekend. Our favorite toy store! Noah was in love!^^^
^^^My blue-eyed baby is turning into a blonde! Every time we are outside it gets lighter and lighter.
We aren't too surprised though since Chan and I both were blondes at this age. We love his hair and he loves his hair too! He is learning how to brush it and also loves to brush mama's hair.^^^
^^^A family picnic at the park with our favorite Jimmy Johns. Noah LOVES to drink out of a cup with a straw. And he loves being outside.^^^
^^^I'd say we're a little too big and too mobile for the swing. Time to pack it away!^^^
^^^Nana's toys are the best, of course!^^^
^^^Lucky boy got to go for a ride on a Trike at the store the other day with his dad. He loved every second! He didn't want to get off of it. I bet he'll be getting one of these very soon!^^^
^^^Noah is always grabbing at peoples glasses and hats. He snagged Uncle Allens glasses at church this past Sunday. He thought he was pretty cool.^^^
^^^Although I love watching my sweet baby sleep, I miss him so much during nap time.^^^

^^^Because a day at the park wouldn't be the same without his favorite ball and a box of Animal Crackers. We love days like this!^^^
^^^We have taken a couple of trips to St. George lately and let me just say, I love spending long weekends with this babe of mine! I love him so much.^^^
^^^Our little baby Mozart is hooked to the piano.^^^
^^^Chan and I at the Salt Lake Temple.^^^

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