Monday, April 29, 2013

Pregnancy Must Haves, round 1.

1. The most perfect leggings for those prego mama's who are starting to see their little baby bump. I wore these so much during my pregnancy. You have a choice of black or grey. I couldn't stand having anything snug around my belly so I ordered these leggings from Gap and they were a life saver!

2. Rejuvenating lip balm for those cracked dry lips. I'm not one to use chapstick but while I was pregnant I loved this stuff. I kept it next to my bed because for some reason I would always wake up with dry lips.

3. Blooming Beautiful Because we are all terrified of stretch marks... I used the Blooming Beautiful skincare on my belly during my pregnancy and I promise you, it saved my skin! It's insane how far your skin can stretch and my belly was LARGE while pregnant with my son. For those of you who don't believe you can prevent stretch marks, think again.

4. Drink that water! Your body is going through so much during pregnancy and it's so important to remember your water!!! I was always on the go while pregnant so I went out and bought a nice water bottle to help remind me to drink and also to keep that water cool since my pregnancy went through the hot dreadful summer ice cold water was always refreshing.

5. Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow. Do your self a favor and buy a NICE (because there are some awful ones) pregnancy pillow. By the end of the day you will be glad you did. These things are GLORIOUS to sleep with and when you're pregnant you are taking extra naps and sleeping more during the night. This is a MUST!

6. Ballet Flats. I don't know about you but my feet went through a lot while pregnant. Buying a nice pair of flats for those tired feet that are a little shocked from carrying around some extra weight is a good idea.

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