Monday, April 8, 2013

8 months.

Look who has started to pull himself UP! 
This guy right here... Which means we need to lower his bed before he escapes.

My baby turned 8 months today. 
Noah was 8 lbs. 8 oz. born on 8/8 so we like to think 8 is his lucky number.
This month Noah has grown so much. He is a LOT longer, more talkative and gets around this 
place faster and faster each day.
He still has army crawling mastered which makes me wonder if he will ever switch to his hands and knees.
He will get up on them but he seems to think the army way is more convenient for him. 
He has added papa, dog and hi to his vocabulary. (smart baby.)
Noah loves to cuddle mama and dad and loves to give every girl that holds him a sweet kiss. (ladies man.)
Some of his favorite things right now are sweet potato puffs, his sippy cup with water, dogs, his blankets, books, music, dancing, helping mom vacuum, his voice, baths, visiting family, walks and closing every door in the house.

we especially can't get over his crazy long wavy hair lately.

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