Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy sunday.

It's been a little bit since I last blogged. Lets just say this week was a long one! With this guy catching a little cold and sleeping NOT a wink for the first time, two nights in a row, made for a tired mama and papa. Thank goodness he's all better now because its mama's turn to be in bed with a box of tissues and a bundle of blankets. 
You know you've been blowing your nose way too much when your seven month old holds a tissue up to your face trying to help a sick mama out. Thanks little man of mine, you're too smart and too sweet. How did I get so lucky? I love my boys for taking good care of me, giving me extra kisses, letting me sleep and bringing me everything I need.

On a side note my baby is getting so big! He gets around this apartment all by himself now. Some of my favorite times lately are watching him army crawl trying to find his dad or calling out '"daaa!" while waiting for a response from him in the other room. Another would have to be every time he hears the bath water start he gets so excited and knows what that means and starts to kick his legs and wiggle his little body. My most favorite of all though would have to be how much he LOVES giving kisses. I love that he learned this at a young age and I love how affectionate and loving he is. Noah's kisses are the sweetest and continue to melt my heart every time.

Happy St. Patricks day all you little Leprechauns!

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  1. I'm picturing him holding up that tissue for you. Most adorable thing!