Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas part: 1

On December 23rd we celebrated Christmas at my mama's house.
We have been celebrating with her on this day because my mom is a little life savor at her job on holidays. We enjoyed having Christmas with her and my family this year!
We slept over there Saturday night and woke up early to go to Church with her.
After Church we headed home to get ready for the rest of the family to arrive.
During the whole gift unwrapping my brother skyped us from his mission so it was delayed a whole two hours... Kids were getting a little impatient but it was good to see our Nate on the computer. We sure miss him! And we are so excited to have him home for the holidays next year!

My mom has always given us kids a stocking full of random things and goodies. They are always my favorite!
Lots of baking in the kitchen! This year i made my kiss cookies and I also made the Monkey Bread. So yummy! Dinner was delicious!
I love celebrating with my own little family now! I can't wait for Noah to actually know what's going on and to talk about Santa and all of the Christmas stories!

My sister asked me to take a picture of her big family. This is the only one that turned out... :)
and to end the night with a little family music!

Thanks for everything Mom!
We love you!

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