Thursday, October 18, 2012


After Noah's blessing we headed down to Highland to have lunch at Chandlers parents house.
We had about 80 people there so it was a pretty big turn out. Thank you to Joe and Amber my in-laws for all their help and for letting us use their beautiful home and thank you to all those who helped and brought something yummy to eat!
Bekah, Tayten, Jason, Devri, Josh, Parker and Curtis
Isaac, Beau, Mary, Brady, Vanessa, Laurie, Ashlie, Keaton and Ethan
Finn and Fritz
Aunt Jolene with Noah
Noah and his crazy hair
my best friend and Jason
my papa

me with Josh and Devri
my bekah
heather and grandpa
my Grandpa Lindshield is from Escondido California. I have 8 nephews and 2 nieces 
and my Grandpa has never been able to make it here for any of the grand babies blessings 
so we were beyond excited to have him here with us for Noah's blessing.
Love you!
My cousins Breanna and Whitney from Idaho
Laurie, me, Jolene, Whitney, Ashlie, Mary, Breanna, Mom, Heather, Rachel and Vanessa
me and my sister, rachel
My dad with Laurie and Noah
Bekah and Curtis

Noah with Demi, Chandlers cousin.
Jennifer Chandlers aunt and Chandlers mommy
Noah with his cousin brynlee.
He's going to love her i just know it :)
Noah with his Great Grandpa Shelby who lives in Idaho and St. George
with his Grandpas
Amber, Noah's great grandma, Jennifer and Jared
Noah and his great grandma Lindshield from California
So since we had so many people there things were a bit crazy and the times when I wanted
to get chan in a picture he was nowhere to be found haha. 
so this is the only one of him blurry with a football.
but he was there, i promise :)
love my man!

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