Monday, March 26, 2012

Alayna & Olivia turn 2!

I can't believe these sweet little girls are 2!!!
we celebrated their birthday at my moms yesterday with lots of food, cake, ice cream and lots of laughs.

My grandparents are in town from Escondido, California and we love having them here :)
and here is a picture of my grandpa passed out.

me and my sweet Olivia
Olivia with her chan
allen and alayna. we can't get enough of her dimples

my heather sis

Fritz and Finn. the boy twins

its so funny watching the girls open these VERY girlie things.

i got them both a princess dream dress up set and the look on olivia's face the first time she saw it
was priceless. I wish i got a picture of it. It was like she was about to cry because she thought it was so pretty. hahaha silly girl.
Alayna wasn't as blown away as her sassy sister

and last was their very own pink tricycles 
happy birthday silly girls.

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